SDK & Downloads

Tools and libraries to help get you started!

While our REST API is pretty easy to use on it's own. We've also created a couple of software development kits (SDKs) and other tools to make it even easier to integrate Rets Rabbit into your project.

PHP SDK (on Github)

Rets Rabbit ExpressionEngine Module (on Devot:ee)

Don't see a library for your favorite language or CMS? We need developer partners! If you have a library or CMS plugin let us know and we'll add it to the above list.

We're on platforms you love

With the Rets Rabbit plugin, you can have the power of the Rets Rabbit cloud listing service combined with the ease of use of Wordpress. 

Download from

Rets Rabbit's add-on for ExpressionEngine is built from the ground up to give ExpressionEngine developers and designers the power to add listings to some amazing sites. 

Official Add-on on Devot:ee

For developers who love to craft code, we have an open source SDK library for PHP. We're also on Packagist, so all you need is to run composer.

Rets Rabbit PHP SDK on GitHub

Finally for the developers who want to get as close to the metal as possible, our REST API is fully available using any language/platform. Use it for your iOS, Android, Swift, Ruby on Rails or even .NET projects. 

View our REST API Docs

3 Simple Steps to Get you started with Rets Rabbit

Sign up

Contact Us with your RETS or ListHub credentials.

Don't worry if you don't have this yet! We can help you get setup with credentials to your local real estate listings.

We import the listings

We'll connect the listings using the RETS or ListHub credentials you've provided into our database. Then we'll give you API access.

Start building

After you get API access to Rets Rabbit, you can then build listings and property searches into your website or mobile app.

Ready to begin?

We'll walk you through everything you need to get started with your access key.