FED UP with Real Estate IDX?

Rets Rabbit is a pain-free Web API you can use to build real estate listings to brokerage, agent, or client websites and mobile apps.

How can Rets Rabbit help you?

Rets Rabbit removes the nightmare of importing thousands of real estate listings and photos from RETS or ListHub and gives you an easy to use import and Web API so you can focus on building your listing search powered website or app. 

How does it work?

We’ll connect to your real estate board’s listings and import them into an advanced and secure database. Listing photos will also be stored on our cloud image server or served from your MLS CDN.

You’ll connect to your apps and website to the Rets Rabbit REST API to integrate listing searches, MLS listing lookups, and pull photos in your website or apps. 

Rets Rabbit Server Diagram@2X

What are the advantages of Rets Rabbit?

Ditch IDX! Rets Rabbit is not an IDX vendor, instead we import listings directly from the MLS or ListHub and give you a rich API to integrate listings into your web or mobile app.

Quicker development time/reduced cost! Hiring a developer with RETS experience or ListHub experience can cost tens of thousands of dollars and may take months. Rets Rabbit customers can get setup in less than a week and start connecting their sites.

No knowledge of RETS or MLS needed! We’re experts in RETS and we handle the complex issues of importing real estate data so you don’t have to. All you need to know is how to connect to a typical REST API.

No iFrames or ugly hacks! We serve just the real estate data, allowing you to craft your website or app’s UX/UI to your specifications, not what some IDX provider forces you to use.


Want to learn more?

Contact one of our friendly specialists and we’ll talk through what you need to do to get started with Rets Rabbit.

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